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The Blade Runner 2049 Officer K Style Outfit

One thing is certain. We've had numerous suprises in 2017, and box office hits and letdowns were one of them. Ever since critics found out that we'd see a remake of Blade Runner for the new decade, they were both excited due to nostaliga and disappointed in terms of prior experience. And who can judge them. After all, in the past several years, we've witnessed the fall of numerous franchises due to Hollywood's tendency to milk existing IPs. Yet, it came as a nice surprise that Blade Runner 2049...

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Wednesday Addams Goth Look Cosplay

Halloween is the perfect time to embrace the goth in yourself. Yet, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't cosplay as a goth during the whole year! Wednesday Addams is one of the most cult goth style characters in pop culture. First appearing in the 1938 "The New Yorker Cartoon," the Addams Family took off the world by a storm with its crazy (and sometimes dark) humor. Yet, for most 90s kids and millienials, the Wednesday Addams look is most popular from the full feature Addams Family movie that h...

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The Tracksuit Worn by Rocky Balboa in the Training Scene (Montage)

Rocky Balboa is hands down one of the most inspirational movies ever created. Did you know that Sylvester Stallone would have to go through various lengths to actually make this movie? That's right. The actor went on to multiple directors with the script, explaining how Rocky would be a huge hit. Some of them believed him, some not so much. The problem for all, however, was that Stallone wanted for him to be the actor to play the part. And the studio execs just couldn't accept this. After all wi...

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Ironic Minions Dress-Up Party Costume Cosplay Ideas

One of the most adorable, sweet and irritating characters that came up from children movies in the recent years are the minions. At first, we all loved them. With a special language and pursuing to be servants of the baddest of villains, the yellowish creatures had a special place in our hearts. Yet, the overwhealming money-grabbing nature of pop-culture just ripped that sense of love apart. At one point, everywhere you could turn, all you would see would be the minions. Of course, that doesn't...

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Cosplay Outfit for Green Arrow (from the TV Show, DCU)

Whether you love them or hate them superhero movies are a thing. Ever since the Avengers started breaking box office records, the Marvel Universe grew into the bohemut it is now. And while the DC Cinematic Universe is still lagging behind in terms of ratings, there are a few gems, such as Wonder Women. However, no matter how many Superhero movies Hollywood throws in our face, what we love are the TV and Netflix shows from the same universes. Ever since its release Arrow has been one of our top f...

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Joel Edgerton (Orc Cop from Bright) Cosplay

One of the biggest budget movies from Netflix, Bright is a gem in multiple ways. First and foremost, the movie manages to show the difference in opinions between the critics and the audience. Bright went on to be blasted by critcs, while audiences worldwide showed extremely positive reviews. Plus, the viewing numbers also don't lie. Another thing the movie's quite good at, is its negligence of Hollywood movie stereotypes. Bright blends in multiple ideas into one big mash-up. Yet we are neither c...

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The Zendaya Outfit from the Greatest Showman (2017) - A Cosplay How-To Look

There aren't many words that could capture the amazing musical, but magical certainly is one of them. The Greatest Showman (2017) didn't manage to receive that many Academy Award nominations, but it won the hearts of audiences on a worldwide scale. In fact, the songs were so captivating and positive that the soundtrack album from the movie sat at the top of the Billboard's Top 100 charts for multiple weeks. While there are a lot of costumes, clothes and looks from the movie that we would love to...

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(Cosplay) Daenerys Targaryen, Khaleesi, 1st Season Mother of Dragons

Part of the hit TV series Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen is a fierce character that manages to get what she wants. A lot can be said about Khaleesi, but chances are, we'll need a huge spoiler alert, if we just started to talk. Thus, we'll stray away from discussing the convoluted plotlines of Game of Thrones and instead focus on the looks. For this cosplay idea we wanted to go and copy the dress/outfit worn by Khaleesi in the first season of the show. The Mother of Dragons with a dozen of t...

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Harley Quinn Costume

Want to look like Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad? From the comic strips to live-action films, the characters is probably the most infamous female antihero and is as sexy as it gets. You might be into the Joker madness stalker since her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series in September 1992, know about her from the comics, or have just learned about what she truly represents from the DC Cinematic Universe. No matter, what the backstory of your love for Harley Quinn is, we've got a tre...

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