The Blue Suit/Red Tie Combo from Wolf of Wall Street

The Blue Suit/Red Tie Combo from Wolf of Wall Street

If there's one thing that lies in the foundation of what the Wolf of Wall Street is all about, it's the money and the power that comes with it. Pursuing a fashionable men's style ourselves, we decided to dive deeper into the wardrobe of Wolf of Wall Street and get some inspiration about how to dress for success. Now, while there are a lot of styilsh costumes featured in the full feature film, we decided to go with the blue suit/red tie combo. We are not sure why, but there's just something about this combination that makes the look that much more appealing than the formal black/gray/brown suit gamma. Plus, navy blue suits are all the rage now, so we should be on the right track. Want to know just how to copy the blue suit and red tie combo from the Wolf of Wall Street. Let's get down to business.

Items Of The "The Blue Suit/Red Tie Combo from Wolf of Wall Street" Look

The Blue Suit

Worn by both Matthew McConaughey and Leonardo DiCaprio, the blue suit is a navy blue with slim golden thin stripes. Armed with the photos above, we set to find a similar suit that will both fit our budget, thus won't be hefty on the pocket, and that is as similar as possible. Of course, while there are some costumes that go for pennies on the dollar, we also wanted what we wear to be of quality. After all, we are not just aimed at cosplay, but we want this suit to become a permanent part of our wardrobe choices. Thus, we decided to go with a 3 piece suit from BICMART. Available at an fairly affordable price, this suit is extremely similar to the Wolf of Wall Street clothes that the two actors are wearing.

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Leo's Red Tie

The red tie that Leo wears is this one. Okay, maybe he doesn't wear an affordable silk tie from John William Clothing, but it is still a decent match. In fact, there are no other notable differences between the one we've featured and the one Leo wears, except maybe the dot size? We are not 100% sure. Yet, they both look rather similar. Verify if you think so! Plus, you can get the blue version of the polka dot tie and you'll have another look from the Wolf of Wall Street style in combination with the other items on this list. (Leo wears the blue suit with a blue polka dot tie at one point in the movie.)

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The Light Blue Shirt

For the light blue shirt, you have quite a few options available on the market. As a whole, to complete the look, most light blue shirts with light stripes will do. Nevertheless, we went on to find this one from U.S. Polo Assn. The only thing we don't like about it are the pockets and the logo, but the shirt is nonetheless inexpensive and fits perfectly with the overall Wolf of Wall Street style look for the Blue Suit/Red Tie combo featured in the film. What do you think? Verify? Verified!

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Bonus: The Golden Watch

We are not ones for watches, but to complete the look, we decided to add a few extra details. The watch that is worn by Leo in the movie, in particular, is far out of our budget. Nevertheless, after a quick search, we've managed to find one that looks extremely similar. It's with a golden bezel and wristband, plus it is metal steel and the inside of the bezel is black, so it looks that much similar to the one found in the Wolf of Wall Street. We can't wait to put this watch from OOFIT on and see how it looks.

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