Wednesday Addams Goth Look Cosplay

Wednesday Addams Goth Look Cosplay

Halloween is the perfect time to embrace the goth in yourself. Yet, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't cosplay as a goth during the whole year! Wednesday Addams is one of the most cult goth style characters in pop culture. First appearing in the 1938 "The New Yorker Cartoon," the Addams Family took off the world by a storm with its crazy (and sometimes dark) humor. Yet, for most 90s kids and millienials, the Wednesday Addams look is most popular from the full feature Addams Family movie that hit the big screens in 1991. With that in mind, we decided to set forth a journey in which to find the best clothes for women and young adults that can make them just a little be more goth in the Wednesday Addams goth style look. If you are interested, read below to find out the items of our choice. And don't forget to comment with your items of choice in the comments and verify the items you believe we've picked right! Without further adieu, let's get started!

Items Of The "Wednesday Addams Goth Look Cosplay" Look

Wednesday Addams Dress Cosplay

The most obvious part to start up the goth cosplay is the Wednesday Addams Dress. The one that Christinna Ricci wore in the cult movie is an old vintage-style nun dress with long sleeves that is buttoned down. In our search, we came across a ton of nun dresses, even ones that were branded as a "Wednesday Addams Dress." Yet, the truth is that none of them resembled the style that is at the core of the cosplay look. Thus, we continued our search. Now, we didn't find an exact match and the one that decided to eventually feature isn't buttoned down. Yet, we believe that this is a far better match in the overall style, than the usual nun dress that is completely black that you can find with a quick search. Of course, you'd have to wear an undershirt with this dress for the srtaight formal collar. However, we truly believe that in terms of style, this is one of the best options you can buy for cosplay purposes. Plus, even if you don't want to wear an undershirt underneath, you can still quickly stich one right up from an old shirt that you have laying around.

Where to get the Wednesday Addams Dress Cosplay?

The Stockings

The length of the dress is quite up to par with the one worn by Christina Ricci in the Addams Family Movie. Yet, to complete the look, you will need a nice pair of black stockings. Depending on the purpose of the cosplay, you might want to pick another pair. However, for the purpose of consistency and to be an exact match look for the Wednesday Addams cosplay, we decided to go with these long stockings from Chalier. Now, the stockings are three pairs and are of black, gray and white colors. Nevertheless, the price is extremely inexpensive and we believe that there is still some use to the other two pairs in similar cosplays.

Where to get the The Stockings?

The Collar White Shirt

This item is relatively expensive, but it fits extremely well with the idea of the cosplay. After all we want as close of a Wednesday Addams cosplay as possible. Thus, the combination of the vintage dress with this undershirt, we belive will deliver some of the best results. Plus, this undershirt with longsleeves can be used both as a casual and official wear on occasions and for the purpose of other cosplays. The reason behind our choice was the long sleeves, which are more loose at the end. This allows you to have it as an undershirt, allowing the white sleeves to appear under the sleeves of your dress. Just like the ones of Wednesday Addams. It's not exactly a goth purchase, but definitely fits within the goth style cosplay we are creating. What do you think? Verify if you agree with this choice.

Where to get the The Collar White Shirt?

Bonus: Dark Red Lipstick

If you want to stay as true to the cosplay as possible, we would suggest putting no lipstick at all. After all Wednesday Addams in the movie doesn't wear any lipstick. Nevertheless, if you want to make your lips stand out a bit and make the look a bit better, we suggest using this dark red lipstick, instead of a black one.

Where to get the Bonus: Dark Red Lipstick?

Alternative: Wednesday Addams Full Dress

Now, if you don't want to purchase two separate items for the Wednesday Addams dress, you can istead go with the usual white collar, black vintage dress, that the look is recognized for. Thus, we decided to include this alternative choice. The Aphratti Women's Long Sleeve Casual Peter Pan Collar Flare Dress is an almost exact match to the style of the one Christi Ricci wears in the movie. Thus, if you don't want to go vintage collars undershirt, for the Wednesday Addams dress you can always go with full black, white collar vintage style dress.

Where to get the Alternative: Wednesday Addams Full Dress?

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