The Complete Starboy (The Weekend) Fashion Look

The Complete Starboy (The Weekend) Fashion Look

Want to be a Starboy? We can help you become one! Extremely inspired by the fashion style of the Weekend we decided to find the right items to recreate his leather look from the music video of the infamous song. Of course, this look would be extremely hard to pull off. For starters, you must have the right haircut. Plus, having a voice like his is simply impossible. Nevertheless, the style of the Weekend is bound to look good on those worthy of wearing it. The hit singer always manages to impress with the fashion he embraces in his music videos. And while in terms of everyday wear it would be better to copy some other look, we decided to go with the Weekend Starboy Style leather outfit look. The reason? Whether you'd want to cosplay him at a holiday event or you'd simply want to impress your girl by dressing up like her favorite artist, this leathery look will definitely go miles in terms of being exact on point with the Starboy music video. With this in mind, let's get right into it!

Items Of The "The Complete Starboy (The Weekend) Fashion Look" Look

The Leather Jacket

To complete the fashion look of Starboy, the first item on your shopping list should be the jacket. The two most obvious things to keep an eye on when searching for the exact match are the lay-down collar and the elastic sleeves. In the MV The Weekend Wears Ovadia & Sons Leather Pilot Jacket. Yet, we wanted to with something that's more affordable. The one that we found was the best match to the jacket worn by The Weekend in his music video for Starboy is a Landing Leather's Men's Flight Bomber Jacket. It has both a matching collar and elastic sleeves and the color and the fit look extremely similar. The only issue is that this jacket has an elastic waist, which is a slight issue that bothers us. Yet, it is one of the best ones in terms of similarity that we've managed to find.

Where to get the The Leather Jacket?

The Black Pullover

To have complete similarity with The Weekend, you need to have a black pullover. While any black pants would do, a black pullover without zippers with a full pull on closure is a must. This is why we decided to go with this plain black long sleeve mock neck pullover jumper sweater from 7 Encounter as the second item in our Starboy style look. Of course, if you want to save up, you can always go with a nice plain black fitness undershirt or a T-shirt of the same style. Yet, while on photos it won't be as noticable, especially when you add some effects, the lack of such a pullover will be noticable in reality. That's why we think, buying such a pullover is a must for this look.

Where to get the The Black Pullover?

Black Pants (Nice Fit)

The only thing you should look out for when purchasing the black pants for this look is for them to be of nice fit. In fact, to complete The Weekend starboy look you won't need any special black pants. He doesn't wear some leathery goodness, but rather has a casual pair of black pants on. Nevertheless, to complete our cosplay look we decided to go with a Men's Stretch Pants from Benibos. The reason behind our choice comes down to the stretch fit and the complete black and plain style of the pants.

Where to get the Black Pants (Nice Fit)?

The Black Boots

The black sneakers worn by the Weekend are from Puma. Yet, to be within the budget we decided to go with a heavy work-boot style based that are completely black in color. The only difference in the look of both shoes is that the puma sneakers have a metal plate in front. We couldn't find an exact match, yet we believe that these Skecher USA Men's Pilot Utility boots will do the trick. The work boots are quite heavy and are quite good in terms of quality, so you will be able to use them for more than simply copying the Starboy look from the Weekend. And even though they are not the same as shown in the Music Video, we still these boots will manage to do the trick. What do you think? Verify if you agree!

Where to get the The Black Boots?

Black Leather Gloves

You might receive some obscure looks when receiving these black leather gloves in the mail. Yet, they are a crucial part of the complete look of The Weekend. Now, any pair of black leather gloves will do for the purpose of copying the style of the Weekend. The only thing you should look out for is that your gloves don't have some crazy metal clippings on them. With that in mind, we chose the Anccion Men's Leather Motorcycle gloves. They are quite affordable and are relatively good in terms of quality. What's more, we already spend quite a few dimes on the jacket, thus saving up a bit by purchasing these gloves is definitely a plus.

Where to get the Black Leather Gloves?

The Cross

You can't complete the starboy look without the cross. While you can go with some more expensive jewelry for men if you have the budget, we decided to go on the more inexpensive side. Thus, we went with a silver cross necklace by blackbox Jewelry. We believe that the necklace is an almost exact match to the one worn by the signer, due to its unique design and large size. When worn, it looks almost as good as the one that The Weekend wears.

Where to get the The Cross?

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