The Tracksuit Worn by Rocky Balboa in the Training Scene (Montage)

The Tracksuit Worn by Rocky Balboa in the Training Scene (Montage)

Rocky Balboa is hands down one of the most inspirational movies ever created. Did you know that Sylvester Stallone would have to go through various lengths to actually make this movie? That's right. The actor went on to multiple directors with the script, explaining how Rocky would be a huge hit. Some of them believed him, some not so much. The problem for all, however, was that Stallone wanted for him to be the actor to play the part. And the studio execs just couldn't accept this. After all with the speech impediment of the, then unknown actor, no one would watch the movie, right? Well, Stallone didn't give up and Rocky Balboa ended up being one of the most successful movies of all time, acquiring a cult following in the process. In fact, the movie made more than 1.6 billion in box office worldwide. Now, much like the making of Rocky Balboa, the movie itself has quite an inspiring story. It's also one of the most recommended movies for every aspiring entreprenur to watch. And one of the most infamous scenes, and one of the most inspiring, is the training scene. Whether you'd want to recrate the Rocky Balboa training scene, or just want to buy the Rocky Balboa Training Scene tracksuit for yourself, to feel a bit more inspiration when jogging, we decided to find an exact match of the look. Here's what we've managed to find out in terms of Silvester Stallone clothing.

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The Rocky Balboa Pants

The tracksuit worn by Rocky Balboa in the training scene montage consists of two simple parts. The first are the silver pants. The second is the plain silver hooded sweater. For the purpose of the complete Silvester Stallone look, we decieded to go with the Yihaojia tracksuit joggers sweatpants. The reasoning behind our choice is quite simple. First and foremost, the joggers are quite comfortable. And second, they are plain silver and inexpensive. We believe that in combination with the plain hooded sweater, you will be able to fully recreate the montage from the movie.

Where to get the The Rocky Balboa Pants?

Plain Hooded Rocky Sweatshirt

The second item on this list is the plain hooded sweatshirt. Now, the one worn by Rocky is a bit more bulky in terms of fit. Nevertheless, we feel that in combination with the sweatpants this HETHCODE classic casual fit hoodie sweatshirt will be perfect to recreate the look. We hope we've inspired you at least a little bit. And if we didn't make sure to dress like Rocky, go out for a training scene motnage, and get moving! If that doesn't inspire you, we are not sure what will do so. Verify, if you agree with our look.

Where to get the Plain Hooded Rocky Sweatshirt?

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