Ironic Minions Dress-Up Party Costume Cosplay Ideas

Ironic Minions Dress-Up Party Costume Cosplay Ideas

One of the most adorable, sweet and irritating characters that came up from children movies in the recent years are the minions. At first, we all loved them. With a special language and pursuing to be servants of the baddest of villains, the yellowish creatures had a special place in our hearts. Yet, the overwhealming money-grabbing nature of pop-culture just ripped that sense of love apart. At one point, everywhere you could turn, all you would see would be the minions. Of course, that doesn't mean we can't wear a minions cosplay in an ironic manner, right? Whether for an office dress-up party, or just for fun at the family christmas table, here is just how to look like a Minion!

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The Minions Pijamas

There are multiple ways in which you can tackle the minion cosplay look. One of them is to wear full blown minion pijamas. What can scream "ironic" better than an adult wearing a minions pijama drinking wine at an office dress-up party. Just make sure that you act the part as well! To be completely ironic, you shouldn't go around screaming "hey, look at my minions costume.' Instead you should focus on an angry face and head straight down for the party punch. We've added a link to these pijamas by Universal if you have any interest. (Men's version is also available.)

Where to get the The Minions Pijamas?

A Headlamp (Instead of Goggles)

Now, let's get straight down to business! We want to look like a minion. Thus, while we can't have adorable eyes like the minions, we can always have a headlamp that resembles a huge eye. Of course, most people who pursue Minions cosplay go for the swim goggles. Yet, instead, we would like to offer this headlamp as we believe it's the far better choice. Plus, you would be able to see everything and your eyes won't feel like in a prison all throughout the party. After all, you should feel comfortable, right? This Haoerliang headlamp should do the trick!

Where to get the A Headlamp (Instead of Goggles)?

A Yellow Tracksuit

To complete the minions look, the only thing you will need is a yellow tracksuit. That's pretty much your whole Minions cosplay right there! Simply put on this tracksuit that is completely yellow and you would be good to go. Of course, don't forget that you should have your hoodie on all the time. Otherwise, the effect would be lost. And if you don't want to explain that you are playing naked "Bob" from the MInions movie, you should purchase the other items from this list (the Jean overalls in particular.) Yet, this is down to just how much explaining about your costume you want to do. Just keep in mind that simply wearing the tracksuit, even with the headlight won't exactly scream "minions cosplay," unless you have the jean overalls.

Where to get the A Yellow Tracksuit?

The Perfect Jean Overalls

The Anna-Kaci Women's Vintage Denim Jeans Overalls are the perfect choice to complete your ironic Minions cosplay. In combination with the tracksuit and the headlight, you won't simply be turning heads. You'd be screwing heads! (Get the screwhead joke? Ah, you get it!) Now that you have all the items to complete the ironic cosplay for the Minions, everything that's left to do is to dress-up and go to the party! We are sure that everyone will simply love your costume. And it's the perfect way to get out of a conversation. If someone's bothering you at the party, simply scream banana and start running in a chosen direction! Verify the costume pieces if you agree and be sure to comment about what you think.

Where to get the The Perfect Jean Overalls?

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