Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar-Winning Look

Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar-Winning Look

Lenoardo DiCaprio is hands down one of the most respected actors of our generation. Time and time again he managed to prove his ability to transform himself and fully embrace the part he was given. From the mystery of Shutter Island to the mind-bending Inception, Leo was putting himself forward and pushing his limits to prove himself on the red carpet. Nevertheless, time and time again, he was denied the biggest glory in terms of movie milestones. He simply couldn't win an Oscar. Academy-Awards nominee multiple times and long lasting internet meme, because of his oscar jinx, Leo decided to put on his best suit and finally take the award. And so he did! In 2016, the jinx has been broken and Leonardo DiCaprio managed to win an oscar. Still remembering this day with tears of joy in our eyes, we decided to take a look at the memorable moment again and copy the Leonardo DiCaprio red carpet style for ourselves. After all, if the tuxedo suit he wore at the Oscars in 2016 managed to break his jinx, imagine what he can do for us! Let's get started!

Items Of The "Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar-Winning Look" Look

The Winning Blazer

The tuxedo-styled suit worn by Leonardo DiCaprio during his Oscar-acceptence speech in 2016 can be easily copied via a pair of black pants and a one-button blazer. The issue is that in their attempts to be modern and unique, most clothing companies have decided to ditch the formal tuxedo style of the blazer in favor of certain design element choices. And we certainly don't want that! The blazer worn by Leonardo DiCaprio is extremely simple in terms of design. That's why, to copy his oscar-winning look, we decided to go with Benibox Casual Slim Fit Blazer Suit Jacket.

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The White Shirt

For the purpose of a sharp men's look, almost any formal white shirt would do. Yet, this is no ordinary look! To be able to have the complete oscar winning style, you need to have the right shirt! That's why we decided to go with Mocotono Men's Formal Non Iron Formal Business Tuxedo Dress shirt. Now we did note that the shirt worn by Leo had white buttons and that's white we went with the Mocotono choice. Plus, this shirt is non iron and who are we kidding! When a man is about to win an oscar, he simply doesn't have the time to iron!

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The Red Carpet Pants

Any pair of black pants will do! That's just the beauty of men's fashion! It doesn't matter what you wear in terms of pants. In fact, pretty much noone truly pays attention to the pants. After all, when you are winning an oscar, everyone wants to see your smile, right? Well, we still need to wear pants so that our worst dreams of being in our underpants in front of a crowd to come true. That's why we decieded to go with the inexpensive Benibox Men's Stretch Modern-Fit Flat-Front Pants. They look quite fashionable in terms of fit and are a perfect match to the blazer and to Leonardo DiCaprio's oscar winning look.

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The Bow Tie

If you go a couple of years back, you'd see that one of the items Leonardo DiCaprio wears on the Red Carpet is a bow tie. In fact, he wears it so often that it's hard to find a photo of him from the red carpet with a tie. But you know what they say! If you don't succeed, try and try again. That's why we believe Leo wore the bow tie. He simply knew that the bow tie would be the winning element of his oscar winning outfit. And to be honest, it might very well have been. That's why, to complete the look, you will need a proper bow tie. Forget all pre-tied bow ties. You will need to learn to tie the bow tie yourself, if you are about to win an oscar. With this in mind, to complete the Oscar Winning look from Leo we decided to feature this Luther Pike Seattle Men's bow tie. Neat!

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