The Red Shirtdress Worn By Lana Del Rey in Lust for Life MV

The Red Shirtdress Worn By Lana Del Rey in Lust for Life MV

One of the biggest hits on the billboards the summer of 2017 came from the beautiful minds of Lana Del Rey and The Weekend. Starboy and Stargirl created a true masterpiece of a song that manages to strike the perfect cords in our souls in a loving rythm. Of course, as expected from both artists, the music video for the song was also shining with passionate creativity. A smooth story of love, the video showed the styles of both artists clash in a perfect vintage to modern fashion. Nevertheless, one of the most outsanding parts of the video was Lana's intro, where she first appeared in the dress worn throughout the video. That's why, embracing the vintage style, we decided to go on the hunt for the perfect copy of the red shirtdress that Lana Del Rey wore in the video of Lust for Life. Here's what we managed to find out!

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Option 1: GLOSTORY Shirtdress

During our search for the red shirtdress worn by Lana Del Rey in the music video for Lust for life, we found three options that fit the style. This shirtdress is similar in vintage-style fashion sense and fits the singer's overall fashion choices quite well. Nevertheless, the pockets don't really match the shirtdress worn in the music video. The sleeves are also rather long, while the dress worn by Lana fits quite perfectly in terms of arms-to-sleeves ration. Still, the GLOSTORY women's casual belted shirtdress, plain red, is one of the best options available on the market in terms of copying the style of the singer from the music video.

Where to get the Option 1: GLOSTORY Shirtdress?

Option 2: Daxin Vintage Tunic Dress

The second option we found was this red tunic dress from Daxin. In terms of style, it is quite similar. The sleeves are of nice lengths and although it also has pockets they are not that noticable. Nevertheless, wearing a red belt with this shirt is definitely a requirement if you want to look the part of Lana Del Rey. Otherwise, the dress is too spread out and doesn't really look that similar to the shirtdress shown in the video. Of course, we still believe that the Daxin dress is one of the best options on the market.

Where to get the Option 2: Daxin Vintage Tunic Dress?

Option 3: GLOSTORY Casual Shirtdress

The third option and the one we prefer the most is another pick from Glostory. A casual long sleeve shirt dress, this one tells the best story in terms of Lust for Life. It is extremely intoxicating and looks astonishing when worn. Now, the issue is that this shirtdress has a V-neck, which is not really what we want in a copy of a dress from the Lana Del Rey fashion style. Even if you manage to tailor up some buttons and button up the V-neck, it still wouldn't fit that great, due to its V-neck design. That's why, instead we are keen to let the V-neck go, simply because the dress looks extremely similar in terms of loose fashion style and fit, compared to the one worn by Lana Del Rey. What do you think? Which of the three dresses do you think is the best in terms of similarity? Verify the items to vote.

Where to get the Option 3: GLOSTORY Casual Shirtdress?

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