The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Fashion Look

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Fashion Look

You have to be a bit crazy to embrace the style of Kimmy Schmidt from the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. In fact, if you want to look just like her, you have to start by ensuring that you are able to have her constant smile and child-like curiosity for the world. If you don't, the look won't work, no matter how close your fashion is to hers. Of course, with you being here, checking out this look, chances are you've already got the schmizzle of being a unique crazy-io in the most positive sense of the word. The first and most obvious thing that stands out from Kimmy's style is the variety of popping colors she wears. But, much like a coloring book, the colors all have to match and tell a story. To help you out tell your story and look as close to Kimmy Schmidt from Netflix's original series as possible, we've decided to go with the most obvious choice. We are going to copy Kimmy's look from the very promotional material (and most of the show) as possible. For the purpose of this look, we decided to go with the Kimmy Schmidt fashion look from the photoshoot and promotional material for the series. Nevertheless, we hope to also inspire you look a bit more colorful and similarly to Kimmy as possible.

Items Of The "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Fashion Look" Look

The Yellow Cardigan of Kimmy

The first item on the list we have to start with is the cardigan. The colorful yellow cardigan is a trademark of the Kimmy Schmidt fashion look and you won't be able to look the part without it. Of course, you'd have to put some fun clothes stickers on it, but this Arc Studio Women Button Down Sleeve Crewneck Cardigan Sweater is a one to one match and will definitely not break the bank in terms of price.

Where to get the The Yellow Cardigan of Kimmy?

The Flowery Shirt

The colors should pop! To look like the infamous character from the hit Netflix series, you have to go with a more color-crazy shirt. Extremely similar to the one from the promotional material, we decided to choose the Dioufond Women's Autumn Floral Shirt to help you have a matching look.

Where to get the The Flowery Shirt?

The Purple Jeans (Pants)

The Jeans are a relatively easy part to copy. In fact, if you already have some pink jeans or pants, they might do the job. Yet, if you don't, for this look we've decided to include the Jag Jeans Women's Amelia Hibiscus jeans. They are comfortable, as long as they are a nice fit, and don't cost that much, which makes them perfect for the complete look.

Where to get the The Purple Jeans (Pants)?

The Pink Kimmy T-Shirt

The T-Shirt isn't that well noted in the promotional material, but it is an integral part of the complete look. If you have a closed-neck T-Shirt that is pink of color, you should skip this item. However, if you don't, the Anvil Women's Ringspun Cotton Pink T-Shirt is a must-buy to complete the Kimmy Schmidt look.

Where to get the The Pink Kimmy T-Shirt?

The Purple Backpack

To be able to have as close of a look to Kimmy as possible, you need to have a proper backpack. While you'll have to tailor your name on your backpack on your own, much like Kimmy did for her fashionable look, almost any backpack should do the part. The only thing you have to look out for is the contrasting, yet matching colors. For the purpose of this look, we've chosen the BOLANG Water Resistant Nylon School backpack.

Where to get the The Purple Backpack?

Bracelets, Lots of Them!

To complete the look, you will have to put a few colorful bracelets on your arm. The FIONUSUM Natural stone colorful bracelets are extremely cheap, will save you the work of doing the bracelets yourself, and are a nice match of the ones worn by Kimmy in the series. They are great for copying the Kimmy Schmidt fashionable look.

Where to get the Bracelets, Lots of Them!?

The Flower Earrings!

Don't forget the flower earrings! To look like Kimmy, the earrings are a must. For the purpose of this look, we decided to go with these Rose Clip-on earrings as they are small, pink and flower-shaped. Plus, they are not that expensive, which works wonders for the complete affordable look for the Kimmy Schmidt fashion style.

Where to get the The Flower Earrings!?

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