James Delaney From Taboo

James Delaney From Taboo

From his blockbuster successes to the indy movie scene, Tom Hardey manages to prove time and time again that he is one of the most driven actors to date. And with the British TV Drama Series Taboo, the actor continues once again shows his unmatched artistic skills to transform himself to act his given part. Playing the role of James Delaney, Tom Hardy is the person who inherits a shipping empire from his late father. In a dramatic turn of events, it turns out that the inheritence came with a touch of murder and betrayal. No matter what the story is, however, one of the most eye-catching things about the movie is the style envisioned within the flick. While it would be difficult for anyone to act the part of James Delaney as good as Tom Hardy, that doesn't mean you couldn't try. That's why we've created this James Delaney cosplay look to help you do just that. Whether just for fun or for popularity on social media, here's just how to copy the style and look of James Delaney from the hit British TV Series Taboo. Let's get started.

Items Of The "James Delaney From Taboo" Look

Black 7 Inch Top Hat

The hat featured in the movie is nothing more than a simple top hat. Yet, once you get around finding a top hat, you'd find out that there is quite a huge diversity in terms of style, color and choice. Nevertheless, we feel like this black 7 inch top hat is almost identical to the real thing. What are your thoughts? Verified or not? We'd love to hear you out.

Where to get the Black 7 Inch Top Hat?

Long Black Double-Breasted Trench Coat

The trench coat was a bit harder to find. In fact, there is almost no other coat that is similar to the one worn by James Keziah Delaney in Taboo. The one that we decided to feature, an Uget Men's Trech Long Winter Coat, is quite a close match. While there are certain differences that the hardcore fans and Taboo cosplayers will find out, you will probably won't have a problem pulling of the full James Delaney look with this trench coat.

Where to get the Long Black Double-Breasted Trench Coat?

A Gray Shirt

One of the items you need to complete the James Delaney cosplay look is a gray shirt. Almost any shirt of the solid spread collar type would do, as long as it is of dark gray color. Nevertheless, for the purpose of this look and to get the best bang-for-the buck, we decieded to go with an offering from Kenneth Cole. In fact, you'd be able to wear this shirt on formal occasions, once you are done cosplaying, as it is quite good in terms of quality and style.

Where to get the A Gray Shirt?

A Pair of Black Trousers

In a similar fashion to the gray straight collar shirt, any pair of black trousers would do. For the purpose of the complete James Delaney cosplay look we went with the IZOD sriaght fit black pants for men. They are relatively inexpensive, plus the complete dark black color and clean style fit nicely with the overall look that James Delaney has in Taboo. Do you agree? Verify, if you do and make sure to comment, if you have any other opinion or item in mind.

Where to get the A Pair of Black Trousers?

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