Affordable Version of the Indiana Jones Fedora? Place your bets!

Affordable Version of the Indiana Jones Fedora? Place your bets!

One of the most iconic hats in popular culture is the fedora of Indiana Jones. While it has went through some iterations over the years (much like the career of Harrison Ford), the Indiana Jones fedora is much like a cultural phenomenon. This is true to a point that if you see a hat in a similar style, the first instict you would most probably have is to imagine a whip in your hand and become adventorous. In fact, even the term "adventurous" has become quite synonymous with the Indiana Jones style and look. Nevertheless, throughout the years, the idea of the fedora seems to have changed. In fact, when searching for an affordable version of the fedora, I couldn't find an exact match to the one seen in the movie. In fact, even the more expensive ones, and the ones that are branded under the Indiana Jones name, don't seem to match the Harrison Ford hat. In most cases, they are a far fetch from the original. Nevertheless, I did manage to find one that quite fits the style of the Indiana Jones fedora. Granted, this is quite an affordable version so my search was relatively limited in terms of resources. However, I think it's a nice bet. To vote, please verify the link you'd think is the most like the one featured in the movie. If you have any suggestions about other hats, feel free to share. Looking forward to your feedback!

Items Of The "Affordable Version of the Indiana Jones Fedora? Place your bets!" Look

Option One - Stetson Fedora

This is the first fedora and my personal choice as the best affordable Indiana Jones fedora option. The color seems to fit with the first movies, both in terms of the hat and in terms of the color. Nevertheless, I'm not certain whether this is the right choice. Plus, the price is not exactly what I had in mind to start with.

Where to get the Option One - Stetson Fedora?

The "Branded" One

This is an option, which is branded to be an Indiana Jones Fedora. To be honest, I don't like the color and I don't think the original hat worn by Harrison Ford was made of wool. Yet, the style is the same and the price is quite decent.

Where to get the The "Branded" One?

The Perfect Style-Wrong Color One

Now, this is the best fedora I've managed to find in terms of style. Perfect in terms of pricing, the Sakkas Flynn Grosgrain Bow Wide Brim Wool Fedora just screams "Indiana Jones." At least, that's what I think. Of course, this one is also made from wool, but I just have the feeling that it is the best in terms of style. Yet, what bothers me is the color. To be honest, I'm probably going to end up buying this one, but I'm just not sure. We'll see. Please vote (via the verification button) to help me decide.

Where to get the The Perfect Style-Wrong Color One?

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