Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn Costume

Want to look like Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad? From the comic strips to live-action films, the characters is probably the most infamous female antihero and is as sexy as it gets. You might be into the Joker madness stalker since her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series in September 1992, know about her from the comics, or have just learned about what she truly represents from the DC Cinematic Universe. No matter, what the backstory of your love for Harley Quinn is, we've got a treat for you! The character has went through multiple interations in terms of look (and character) in her different appearances. Of course, this is common with most comic book characters. While in the animated series she was more like the joker, in the comics from the "DC Universe Rebirth" series, she got the look most recognize today. With shorts, long socks, a tiny top and a jacket, she managed to get imaginations of people get wild due to her unique crazy personality. For the purpose of this look, we've chosen her cinematic take. Popping up on the big screen in Suicide Squad with the help of the gorgeous Margot Robbie, the antagonistic Harley Quinn look took over the world by a storm. Want to look just like Margot and embrace the 'bag girl' side of you? Let's check out the outfit she had in the movie!

Items Of The "Harley Quinn Costume" Look

Daddy's Little Monster T-Shirt

There are a ton of Harley Quinn T-Shirt available on the market, especially after the look became so popular. However, even the recognized merchandise from the movie isn't exactly up-to-par with the standard for the costume that the movie set. For the purpose of our look, we've chosen the Daddy Little Moster T-Shirt from Miracle(TM). The reason behind our choice is that the shirt is a great fit and can be easily made to look exactly like the one worn by Margot Robbie. While you should only destroy your shirt, if you are certain about your Harley Quinn cosplay choices, you can easily cut this shirt up and pour some red ink on the top and on the sleeve to further the effects already featured on this shirt.

Where to get the Daddy's Little Monster T-Shirt?

Temporary Tattos

One of the reasons most Harley Quinn cosplays don't work is the lack of Tattos. If you have your own tattos to show off, your costume will look that much more amazing, unique and personal. However, if you don't, you won't have to worry about going to the Tattoo shop because of a single cosplay. Instead, you can purchase these temporary tattoos inspired by the character that will help you look just like her for a few days.

Where to get the Temporary Tattos?

Puddin' Replica Choker

One of the accessories you'd need to complete the Harley Quinn look is the Puddin' choker that she wears. Much like with the T-shirt, shorts and the jacket, the choker is also available from multiple sources, some of which are proper merchendise, and others, trying to stay away from copyright infrigment as much as possible. From the bunch, we found this Harley Quinn Puddin Replica choker to be the most direct fit to the one featured in the movie.

Where to get the Puddin' Replica Choker?

Red and Blue Jacket

Another item you'd need for your Sucice Squad look is the Red and Blue jacket worn by Margot Robbie in the move. The one we chose for this cosplay is the closest we could find in terms of material and print that won't break the bank. While there are other similar options, and this one is not official merchandise, it is by far the best fit. Plus, it has some women sizes in handy that will help you choose the right one for you and not worry about fit.

Where to get the Red and Blue Jacket?

Red and Blue Shorts

Now, we are going to be honest. Even though we watched the movie, we are far from fashion experts. Thus, we are quite uncertain about the material of the shorts. They seem to be reflective, but are they leather? We think so! That's why in our look, we've decided to feature these Blue and Red shorts by Kaguster for cosplay. Of course, Kaguster don't say it, because of copyright purposes, but these are Harley Quinn shorts. We know it!

Where to get the Red and Blue Shorts?

Harley's Biker Gloves

You can't have a complete cosplay costume of Harley Quinn, unless you have the gloves. Now, unfortunately, we are not sure how of an exact match these are. (Notice how Harley's gloves, the blue leather goes across her pinkey, while with these ones, it stops right below the pinkey.) Yet, they are a good option. Have any suggestions for us to replace this item? Make sure to comment right here.

Where to get the Harley's Biker Gloves?

Metal Spike Cuffs

Part of the official merchandise for the Suicide Squad movie, these metal spike cuffs are far from perfect copy to the ones featured in the movie. For starters, the spikes are too small. Nevertheless, we couldn't find a better option. Plus, the differences are subtle and only a hardcore movie buff would be able to notice. (And maybe even they won't be able to notice the differences.)

Where to get the Metal Spike Cuffs?

The Bat

A Harley Quinn costume wouldn't be complete about the bat! While trying to look exactly like her in terms of clothing is a top priority, for you to be a true cosplay queen, you need to have the proper accessories. Of course, you can always choose to go with the hammer or the metal bat. Nevertheless, in terms of proper Suicide Squade movie look, the wooden bat, we believe, is the best choice. This baseball bat from The Noble Collection is by far the best choice in terms of movie prop replica and the other few that are available, just aren't as good as this one.

Where to get the The Bat?

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