Cosplay Outfit for Green Arrow (from the TV Show, DCU)

Cosplay Outfit for Green Arrow (from the TV Show, DCU)

Whether you love them or hate them superhero movies are a thing. Ever since the Avengers started breaking box office records, the Marvel Universe grew into the bohemut it is now. And while the DC Cinematic Universe is still lagging behind in terms of ratings, there are a few gems, such as Wonder Women. However, no matter how many Superhero movies Hollywood throws in our face, what we love are the TV and Netflix shows from the same universes. Ever since its release Arrow has been one of our top favorites and despite the Marvel shows of Netflix, we are still quite keen to the likes of Oliver Queen played by Stephen Amell. With that in mind, one of the first superhero costume cosplays we wanted to feature and research was the Green Arrow cosplay. Without further adieu, let's get started.

Items Of The "Cosplay Outfit for Green Arrow (from the TV Show, DCU)" Look

The Green Arrow Jacket

During the run of the TV Show, Oliver Queen has changed a few outfits and costumes in terms of equipment. Nevertheless, his green cape is the most iconic one of the bunch. Plus it is quite in sync with the comic book. That's why this is the first item on our list. Now, we thought that the process of the research would be quite difficult. However, it turns out that there are more than a few clothing companies out there that aim to get on the superhero movie and tv shows hype train. Who would've guessed? The company in question is Spazeup and they've created a whole collection of jackets from different superhero franchises. And while there are other companies who do the same, we did like the quality of the jacket they have for the Arrow superhero cosplay outfit. In fact, this jacket is far better both in terms of similarity to the real thing and than the low quality "officially licensed" cosplay items. That's why we decided to feature it for this cosplay look.

Where to get the The Green Arrow Jacket?

The Green Arrow Pants (Option 1)

The slight problem we are facing with this cosplay outfit is that green leather is not exactly in-fashion right now. That's why, finding plain green leather pants didn't get us anywhere. Nevertheless, we found two items that will complete the cosplay look in terms of pants. The first are casual business wear trousers that are green in color from the Awoken. The reason you might want to choose this instead of the olive green leather ones that are featured on this list as Option 2 is simple. With these pants, you have the green color and you won't need to get in or out of leather pants! So that's a selling point enough. Nevertheless, in terms of consistency with the exact match of the look, we do think that option 2 is the far better choice. It's your call! Verify to vote!

Where to get the The Green Arrow Pants (Option 1)?

The Green Arrow Pants (Option 2)

The second option for this look are these olive green motorcylce biker leather jeans from Smart Range. As aforementioned, this are the far better choice in terms of cosplay outfit. Nevertheless, they are quite expensive and we are not sure whether or not you'd like to have leather pants in your closet. So, we've decided to feature both items on the list for this cosplay. Be sure to verify to vote according to your opinion on which you think is the best one in terms of Green Arrow cosplay outfit consistency.

Where to get the The Green Arrow Pants (Option 2)?

The Green Arrow Cosplay Gloves

In terms of gloves any pair of black leather gloves would work for the Green Arrow cosplay outfit. Nevertheless, we decided to featuer these ones from Chulrita for one particular reason. While they are on the more expensive side, they are extremely great in terms of quality. The leather doesn't look cheep and shines through. In combination with the leather pants and the jacket, we believe that the cosplay outfit will just scream "best cosplay award." Plus, there are no clippings and the are quite long so they will go above your wrist and hide under the sleeves of the jacket. Just like the Oliver Queen gloves do. Verify?

Where to get the The Green Arrow Cosplay Gloves?

The Green Arrow Boots

Ok. For the boots you can go with pretty much any pair of black rubber boots you find. And in terms of items you won't need outside of the cosplay, here we go completely over the budget. These rubber boots from Polar Products are quite expensive in terms of rubber boots pricing. Nevertheless, they complete the green arrow Oliver Queen cosplay outfit so well, that you will probably win every cosplay award show you go to. Dark green in color they are not a complete match to the ones worn by the Green Arrow. Nevertheless, they do manage to fit with both the style and the complete outfit that we have featured here.

Where to get the The Green Arrow Boots?

The Bow and Arrow Set

In terms of bow for the set, any type of bow would do. Yet, if you don't have on in handy, we decided to feature this one. In terms of design, the Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow is quite similar to the one featured in the Green Arrow. It is not an exact match by a far stretch and most bow experts would immediately notice that. Yet, in terms of the cosplay outfit, we believe that this set is quite a nice match. Plus, this is an actual bow (even though for youths) and not a toy, so you will be definitely turning some heads at the cosplay show.

Where to get the The Bow and Arrow Set?

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