The Golden Compass Compass Replica (Alethiometer from the Movie)

The Golden Compass Compass Replica (Alethiometer from the Movie)

The golden compass is an amazing book, both for children and for adults. And while it's movie adaptaion was not really up to par, it just got us pumped and excited to own the actual compass. Now, to be completely honest, the real prop is a far stretch from our budget and is probably already in the hands of some collector out there. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean we can't have a replica that fills our need for a bit of magic in our hearts. Thus, the quest for finding the Golden Compass Compass was set! Yet, we were extremely disappointed once we started the search. You see, The Noble Collection, a company that does official replica movie props for most fantasy movies, did do a limited run of replica Alethiometers. Yet, the run is now over and there's basically nowhere else to find these replicas, except a few outrageously high priced listings for collectors auctions. Now, not to fret, we still decided to find something to tingle our memberberries. Thus, here are a few items that we've picked that are somewhat of a match, at least in terms of collectors memorabilia. What do you think? Be sure to verify the ones you like and don't forget to comment with suggestions about where we can find the real thing! We'd be happy to have it.

Items Of The "The Golden Compass Compass Replica (Alethiometer from the Movie)" Look

Alethiometer Clock (10", Decorative)

Our search is still underway. For now, we've managed to find only clock replicas. This one is from CafePress and according to some customers, the minute hand doesn't work well. Nevertheless, this is not the issue that bothers us. In fact, the clock is decorative, yet it is 10 inches of size and it is supposed to be a wall clock. So, no fancy-shmancy desk Alethiometer clocks, eh? Well, it's still something.

Where to get the Alethiometer Clock (10", Decorative)?

A Godlen Compass Pendant Necklace

One great gift for somone that loves the Golden Compass, this pendant necklace is a far cry from what we are searching for. Yet, the steampunk value does add a lot to it and with the added function of it being a real moving compass, we are quite excited that this will make the hearts of some hardcore fans pumping with love and magic.

Where to get the A Godlen Compass Pendant Necklace?

A Compass Magnifier Pendant Necklace

Again something that is a far cry from what we are looking after, yet looking quite nice in terms of giftability for fans, this Compass 4x Magnifier glass pendant necklace is quite decent. With the sliding glass top, there is the extra level of steampunk feel and even for people who are not fans of the movie, this is definitely a great accessoarie to have in your steampunk collection. Well, that's about it with regard to what we found during our search. Did you have something else? Please do comment, as we would love to get our hands on an affordable The Golden Compass Compass replica from the movie. Appreciate it!

Where to get the A Compass Magnifier Pendant Necklace?

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