Dynasty Style Krystle Fashion Outfit

Dynasty Style Krystle Fashion Outfit

The hit TV show Dynasty got a long awaited reboot from a partnership between the CW and Netflix. And we just love it! From the glamour and fashion that makes our eyes water, to the twisted plot lines that keep us coming back each week, this show has got us addicted! There's no way around it! No matter who you are, the moment you start watching the Dynasty reboot, you will end up craving the very clothes the characters wear. And that's the reason we decided to create this look. One of the most iconic items, at least for us, was the look worn by Krystle in the "Spit It Out" episode. Not to spoil any part of the story, we are not going to discuss where, when or how she wore it. (She wore it best!) Instead, we are going to focus on finding items that are an affordable match to the same designer clothes worn by the acresses. Thus, let's get right into this Krystle from Dynasty clothes look and try to copy her fashion.

Items Of The "Dynasty Style Krystle Fashion Outfit" Look

BONUS: The Lace Blouse

To start off, we've explained our decision to go with a lace dress and a shoulder coat below. But before we do so, if you simply want to copy the elegant Krystle style from the Dynasty reboot, we decided to mention this item. It is extremely similar to the one worn by the beautiful actress and it is elegant and relatively inexpensive. Nevertheless, the problem is that it is a blouse. It would still be a good fit for this look, if it was a dress. But it isn't. That's why we decided to feature it as a bonus item, for those who are looking for an almost exact match. Plus, if you take an Instagram photo of you wearting this, people will think you are wearing the same clothes Krystle is wearing in the epsiode. Neat, right? Verify, if you agree!

Where to get the BONUS: The Lace Blouse?

The Lace Dress

The exact item that Krystle wears in this eisode of Dynasty is a Giambattista Valli Convertible guipure lace-paneled crepe dress. The problem is that this item is sold out. Plus, it is relatively expensive in terms of pricing. That's why we decided to recrate the Krystle from Dynasty fashion look via a white lace panel dress and a shoulder jacket. Now, we know that the look won't be an exact match. Nevertheless, we believe it is quite similar. For the dress we decided to go with a Milumia Women's Hollow Out Crochet Panel with long laced sleeves. While there are other options on the market, we believe that the blouse is elegant enough that even Krystle would wear it with glamour. Plus, the lace is relatively similar in design and style to the one from the Dynasty look. Not to mention, the price is inexpensive and you'd be able to complete the extremely glamorous style, while saving cash in the process.

Where to get the The Lace Dress?

The Coat Replacement Cardigan

We know, we know! This cardigan doesn't really do justice to the one that Krystle wears. Nevertheless in combination with the dress it will give you quite an outstanding elegant look. You won't exactly scream glamour, but you will definitely look quite fashionable and elegant in this complete style look. Plus, the cardigan by Locryz is affordable and can be worn in combination with pretty much everything to make everything you wear either look in an adorable and cozy style or in an extremely fashionable and elegant style, depending on the clothes you wear.

Where to get the The Coat Replacement Cardigan?

The White Hat

In terms of hat, we found this Ayliss Women hat with large brim. We know that the hat is not of the same cloth than the one Krystle wears in the Dynasty reboot. Nevertheless, this is quite an elegant hat, which has an extremely similar style. Plus, the hat can be worn in the same fashion and is perfect for other summer wear, both elegant and casual. In a sense, purchasing this hat will give you not only a similar Krystle from Dynasty style look, but also allow you to diversify your clothing style and mix things up a bit to look that much more glamorous and fashionable.

Where to get the The White Hat?

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