Affordable Colorful Socks for Men Inspired by the Peter Jones Design Line

Affordable Colorful Socks for Men Inspired by the Peter Jones Design Line

In one of the episodes of the reality British TV Series Dragon's Den (the UK version, similar to Shark Tank), two guys decided to present an idea of party socks for the corporate man. The socks in question were formal on the outside (i.e. of one color) and were colorful on the inside. In a sense, you could turn them upside down for a "party" look. Branded Quiet Rebellion, the socks are quite good in design, we won't lie. But the thing that got our attention were the socks of Peter Jones. Constantly wearing colorful and stylish socks, the entrepreneur manages to create a unique fashionable look for corporate men with the nice finishing touch of colorful socks. The only problem? Both the socks offered from the Dragon's Den Peter Jones socks line and Quiet Rebellion are worth quite much per pair. And we don't want to spend our looks budgets only on the socks. (In fact, we prefer buying better quality suits, than paying extra for the socks, just for the brand). That's why we set out to search socks that are in similar Peter Jones socks style, yet affordable to most corporate men, who don't want to spend a fortune on socks. Thus, let's discuss what we found out in terms of Peter Jones socks inspiration.

Items Of The "Affordable Colorful Socks for Men Inspired by the Peter Jones Design Line" Look

Modern Motif - Colorful Socks

The first set of pairs of socks that captured our attention was the one by Modern Motif. Pretty similar to the Peter Jones line, these socks are quite good in terms of design. Plus, they fit most of our sharp looks and corporate styles that we already have here in terms of color choices. Nevertheless, what we don't like is the fact that these socks are still quite expensive in terms of price. One of the reasons behind this is that the brand is marketed as a "gift box set" and arrives in a high quality branded box. The search continues!

Where to get the Modern Motif - Colorful Socks?

Different Touch - 12 Pair

These socks for men from Different Touch seem to be the right option. They are extremely affordable in terms of pricing and quite colorful in terms of color pallette. We don't like the design of some of the socks, but having in mind the price, it would still be cheaper to buy this set and keep only a few pairs for corporate looks, than to go with the Peter Jones socks option.

Where to get the Different Touch - 12 Pair?

Mio Marino - 12 Pair Set

Another great option is the Mio Marino fun dress socks for men. A 12 Pair pack, the socks are extremely colorful, yet corporate in terms of design. They are quite what we are looking for, but they are not the most inexpensive ones out there. Yet, for the purpose of this look, we believe that these are as closest to the Peter Jones socks and the ones he wears in Dragon's Den. Plus, they are extremely affordable. Of course, we would advise anyone who wants to have the actual Peter Jones sock line and to go ahead and buy it, as after all they are quality in terms of materials and unique in terms of colorful design. What do you think? Verify the socks box set you like the most!

Where to get the Mio Marino - 12 Pair Set?

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