The Blade Runner 2049 Officer K Style Outfit

The Blade Runner 2049 Officer K Style Outfit

One thing is certain. We've had numerous suprises in 2017, and box office hits and letdowns were one of them. Ever since critics found out that we'd see a remake of Blade Runner for the new decade, they were both excited due to nostaliga and disappointed in terms of prior experience. And who can judge them. After all, in the past several years, we've witnessed the fall of numerous franchises due to Hollywood's tendency to milk existing IPs. Yet, it came as a nice surprise that Blade Runner 2049 managed to get past the trend and turned out to be a nice reimagining of the original in a sequential fashion. With that in mind, it wasn't that big of a surprise that many men jumped to the opportunity to do a Blade Runner 2049 Officer K cosplay. Eager at the opportunity to embrace a bit of steampunk style, we decided to create our version of an inexpensive, yet quality, Officer K Style outfit look. Here's what we found!

Items Of The "The Blade Runner 2049 Officer K Style Outfit" Look

Long Black Coat

As much as we would love to have the original props of the movie, we are not collectors. Plus, the prices don't really fit within our budget for this look. Instead, we wanted to go with something that's inexpensive enough to complete the Officer K cosplay. That's why we decided to go with the HXW.GJQ Men's Premimum Wool Blend Double Breasted Long Pea Coat. Plus, it could be worn even outside of the cosplay look, as the style is simply outlandish. Much like the style of the Blade Runner 2049 movie. There are a few notable differences between the coat worn by Ryan Gosling in the movie and the one we are featuring, but the coat is good enough to coplete the cosplay look we are going for.

Where to get the Long Black Coat?

The Black Sweater

For the sweater you can go with pretty much any men's sweater that is completely black in color. The only thing you should look out for is that it fits your body style and shape in a nice fashion. Now, not everyone has the body of Ryan Gosling, but that isn't an issue for cosplay. Just make sure that the size fits you nicely. We've decided to go with a Ultimate Cotton Heavyweight Crewneck sweatshirt, due to the nice quality, available size fit and the crewneck.

Where to get the The Black Sweater?

The Officer K Cosplay Pants

Depending on how exact your Officer K cosplay want to be, you might want to skip this item. As a whole, wearing almost any type of relaxed pants that you have, as long as they are not completely black in color, will do the job. Nevertheless, to complete the steampunk style look we decided to go with the Dickies Men's Straight-Fit lightweight duck carpenter jeans. Now, these pants won't keep you much warm in the winter, but they would look quite good during other seasons. And for a few nights dressed as Officer K, the warmth of the pants shouldn't be an issue.

Where to get the The Officer K Cosplay Pants?

The Officer K Cosplay Boots

An exact match of the Officer K boots worn by Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049 is pretty difficult to find. Nevertheless, we've managed to find something that looks relatively similar. This 6" tactical duty work boots with zipper by Maelstorm look extremely close to the one worn by Ryan Gosling. Nevertheless, the boots in the movie are dark brown and the ones we have here are black. Yet, the style is the same, thus we believe that they would fit quite well within the overall cosplay look, despite the change of color.

Where to get the The Officer K Cosplay Boots?

Bonus: The Blaster

One of the good things about doing a pop culture cosplay is that chances are you'd be able to find a lot of copy movie props in the "toys" section. And that's exactly what we've managed to find in terms of the Officer K cosplay blaster. This Blade Runner 2049 toy is perfect for cosplay purposes. The only thing you'll need to do is spray paint it in metallic black.

Where to get the Bonus: The Blaster?

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KingArthur | 2017-12-16 14:00:27 I think these are actually the 6 Inch boots. Check
MartyMonero | 2017-12-16 14:00:27 @KingArthur: Yes you are right :) Thank you very much!

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