Betty Cooper from Riverdale Style and Look

Betty Cooper from Riverdale Style and Look

There's nothing wrong with showing some little love for the shy teen look. Portrayed by the gorgeous Lili Reinhart, Betty Cooper inspires us all to embrace the nerd in us and stick to what's right. With creative clothing choices that range from downright casual to completely old-fashioned, Betty shows us that a nerd being used in a derogatory fashion is so last century. Instead, she empowers through the idea that as long as you are yourself, that you'll look awesome no matter how weird your fashion choices might look. The fashion of the Riverdale character usually comes down to slim jeans and adorable sweaters. Yet, there are certain elements in her gamma that make her stand out. And it's not just the about the color and the material of the clothes. Instead, what's unique about her style are certain elements, such as sweater collars, moccasin shoes and her cardigans. Inspired to look a tiny bit like her and show the world that good always wins, we've decided to dive a bit deeper in Betty Cooper fashion and discover how to copy her look. For the purpose of this look, we decided to go with the Betty Cooper character photoshoot. Nevertheless, we've included a few items the character has worn throughout the series, as shown in the featured images above, to complete the Betty Cooper style outfit.

Items Of The "Betty Cooper from Riverdale Style and Look" Look

The Sweater

In the original Riverdale episode, Betty Cooper wears a Ted Baker London Embellished Collar Mesh Sleeve Sweater from one of their older lines. Today, this sweater is extremely hard to find, due to its popularity in pop-culture. Primarily, it has appeared in episodes of 2 Broke Girls. But, not to worry! While there is a similar sweater, without the mesh sleeves, from Ivanka Trump's fashion line, we decided to go with a far cheaper option, that will definitely do the part. This Chiffon Shirt with Doll Collar from Allegra Womens is definitely a close match at the least and will help you look the part of Betty Cooper.

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The Blue Jeans

For the jeans, you can go with pretty much any slim fit pair of jeans you have, as long as it is on the high-waist side. Plus, make sure that the color matches the one worn by Betty Cooper and you'd be ready with her Riverdale fashion look. Of course, if you don't have one at hand or if you want to buy a new pair, for a matching look, we decided to go with Lark Women's Winter Velvet Stretch high waist jeans, as they are both great in price and seem quite similar to the ones worn by Betty Cooper.

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The Shoes

We did have to compromise a bit with the shoes, but not to worry. If Betty Cooper went to a store in real life, we are certain that these LifeStride Women's Dari Flat Stone shoes were going to catch her eye. Plus, the color and the style are extremely similar to the one she's wearing in the photo. So you'll be able to duplicate her look from Riverdale in seconds at a budget price.How awesome is that?

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Key to My Heart Pendant Necklace

For the pedant, we decided to go with something that is small enough to resemble Betty's necklace and cheap so that it's not too hefty on your purse. That's why we decided to go with the Sterling Silver Filigree Pendant Necklace, Key to My Heart. It is both great quality-wise and affordable in terms of price.

Where to get the Key to My Heart Pendant Necklace?

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