Bebe Rexha VMAs Dresses

Bebe Rexha VMAs Dresses

Want to know what dress Bebe Rexha wore on the VMAs in 2016? What she wore in 2017? We have the answer right here. The young singer didn't appear on the pop culture stage until last year, when top hits, such as "I Got You," her duet with G-Eazy "Me, Myself and I" and her duet song "No Broken Hearts" made her a household name. Nevertheless, Bebe Rexha has always striven towards success. Her first EP was released back in 2015, titled "I Don't Wanna Give Up!" and the young artist started achieving a cult following due to her unique style showcased in "I'm Gonna Show You Crazy." Last year, Bebe first appread on the VMAs wearing what can only be described as a truly dazzling sexy look. Want to know just how to copy that look and style? Want to know which the original dresses and clothes Bebe Rexha wore on the VMAs were? Let's check it out!

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Bebe Rexha VMAs 2016 Look

At her first ever VMAs in 2016 Bebe Rexha didn't wore a dress. Instead, she decided to go for an Aaliyah-Inspired Style. Unfortunately, the bad news is that her clothing was completely custom. The two set piece was a diamond ensemble by designed Bryan Hearns. The boots were high suede Balmain boots and to add onto her look, she had a diamond choker. Now, it will be extremely difficult to copy this custom look and in fact, we believe you will have to do some work yourself in terms of crafting diamond clothing pieces. But at least, you can a choker similar to the one she's wearing. And hey, that's something! (choker avaialble via link below)

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Bebe Rexha VMAs 2017 Look

During the 2017 VMAs Bebe Rexha was wearing a LaBourjoisie dress, which is sufficit to say that is both not available for purchase online and probably far out of your purchasing range. Her shoes were closed-toe Giuseppe Zanotti Betty Platforms. Now, in terms of copying her look, there's little to no chance of finding a copy of LaBourjoisie dresses due to the unique nature of the designer. Nevertheless, we found something that feels and look similar at an extremely affordable price (especially compared to the top level designer). Now, with this dress, you definitely won't be able to create a "who wore it better" photo, but you'd still be able to have a similar Bebe Rexha style. What do you think?

Where to get the Bebe Rexha VMAs 2017 Look?

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