Adorable Gym Style from Ariana Grande Side to Side MV

Adorable Gym Style from Ariana Grande Side to Side MV

A lot can be said about Ariana Grande and her social media journies to defend women's rights. Yet, no matter what side of the Ariana arugment you are on, one thing is clear. The girl simply knows how to dress. The style of Ariana Grande ranges from intoxicating fashion that can make men's heads spin into obscurity to simple everyday style that is totally adorable. And while on the red carpet the singer tries to show off certain designers or clothing companies, in most of her music videos she often shows off a particular style that you can get at affordable prices. With that in mind and ready to go to the gym to get off the few extra pounds from the holidays and the winter season, we decied to get some inspiration from Ariana. Let's jump right into it! Here's just how you can copy the adorbs style of Ariana Grande in the Music Video for her hit duet with Nickie Minaj, Side to Side. Let's get started.

Items Of The "Adorable Gym Style from Ariana Grande Side to Side MV" Look

The Tank Top

During the course of the music video of Side to Side, Ariana Grande changes a few outfits. Nevertheless, we decided to go with the most noticable of them all. The gym outfit of Ariana is extremely simple, yet completely adorable and sexy. It consits of a pink tank top, and teal or mint green shorts. The tank top itself is bubblegum pink racer back athletic tank top. Finding the perfect match in terms of quaity, affordable pricing and Ariana Grande clothes style we decided to go with this Prince Girl's Racer Back Athletic Stretch Tennis Tank Top. It fits quite nicely in the overall outfit and is small, but streachable, allowing for you to completely showcase your body off in the gym. Plus, it's not too long, so you'll be able to copy the style of Ariana Grande from the Side to Side music video without breaking a sweat.

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The Teal Shorts

The second item you need to complete the Ariana Grande Gym look are the teal shorts. Now, the color of the screen is up for debate. It is a somewhat of greenish tyrquoise, somwhere between teal and mint green. Nevertheless, for the purpose of stealing her style, we decided to go with teal. We believe that while not an exact match, these shorts are quite similar. Plus, in terms of clothing style, it these shorts fit perfectly with the complete look. What's more, with the long elastic waist, you will be able to easily tuck in your tank top into your shorts, without worrying that it will get pulled up when excercising. And that's just how Ariana Grande looks in the Side to Side Music Video. Pure mix of adorable and sexy gym perfection!

Where to get the The Teal Shorts?

The "ICON" Ariana Grande Hat

Last, but not least, to complete the look you will need to have the "ICON" hat. The snapback baseball hat has always been an element that can either skyrocket or completely ruin an outfit. And in Ariana Grande's case in the Side to Side video, the "ICON" hat manages to make the look much more intoxicating that it already is. Now, the hat that we've included is an exact match from the one in the video offered by Qhaha. While not officially licensed item from Ariana Grande's collection, this hat is nonetheless an exact copy. Plus it is marketed as an Ariana Grande Side to Side ICON baseball hat snapback, so there you have it. Not to mention, the hat is extremely affordable, thus to complete the look, you won't need that big of a budget. What do you think? Verify the items if you agree with our look and comment if you don't!

Where to get the The "ICON" Ariana Grande Hat?

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