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The Blade Runner 2049 Officer K Style Outfit

One thing is certain. We've had numerous suprises in 2017, and box office hits and letdowns were one of them. Ever since critics found out that we'd see a remake of Blade Runner for the new decade, they were both excited due to nostaliga and disappointed in terms of prior experience. And who can judge them. After all, in the past several years, we've witnessed the fall of numerous franchises due to Hollywood's tendency to milk existing IPs. Yet, it came as a nice surprise that Blade Runner 2049...

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Harley Quinn Costume

Want to look like Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad? From the comic strips to live-action films, the characters is probably the most infamous female antihero and is as sexy as it gets. You might be into the Joker madness stalker since her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series in September 1992, know about her from the comics, or have just learned about what she truly represents from the DC Cinematic Universe. No matter, what the backstory of your love for Harley Quinn is, we've got a tre...

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Harvey Specter from Suits Costume and Look

The big shot lawyer Harvey Specter is infamous for closing cases and dressing sharp. Portrayed by Gabriel Macht in the hit TV series Suits, Harvey has an eye for fashion. Whether it's Donna that picks out his wardrobe or him, we are uncertain. Yet, that's not what we are here to talk about. Instead, we want to know how to dress like him. During the series, we've managed to see Harvey in a variety of different suits. With an unmatched style, the lawyer impresses every time he appears on our TV s...

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Betty Cooper from Riverdale Style and Look

There's nothing wrong with showing some little love for the shy teen look. Portrayed by the gorgeous Lili Reinhart, Betty Cooper inspires us all to embrace the nerd in us and stick to what's right. With creative clothing choices that range from downright casual to completely old-fashioned, Betty shows us that a nerd being used in a derogatory fashion is so last century. Instead, she empowers through the idea that as long as you are yourself, that you'll look awesome no matter how weird your fash...

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Adorable Gym Style from Ariana Grande Side to Side MV

A lot can be said about Ariana Grande and her social media journies to defend women's rights. Yet, no matter what side of the Ariana arugment you are on, one thing is clear. The girl simply knows how to dress. The style of Ariana Grande ranges from intoxicating fashion that can make men's heads spin into obscurity to simple everyday style that is totally adorable. And while on the red carpet the singer tries to show off certain designers or clothing companies, in most of her music videos she oft...

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James Delaney From Taboo

From his blockbuster successes to the indy movie scene, Tom Hardey manages to prove time and time again that he is one of the most driven actors to date. And with the British TV Drama Series Taboo, the actor continues once again shows his unmatched artistic skills to transform himself to act his given part. Playing the role of James Delaney, Tom Hardy is the person who inherits a shipping empire from his late father. In a dramatic turn of events, it turns out that the inheritence came with a tou...

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The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Fashion Look

You have to be a bit crazy to embrace the style of Kimmy Schmidt from the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. In fact, if you want to look just like her, you have to start by ensuring that you are able to have her constant smile and child-like curiosity for the world. If you don't, the look won't work, no matter how close your fashion is to hers. Of course, with you being here, checking out this look, chances are you've already got the schmizzle of being a unique crazy-io in the most positive sense of...

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The Glasses of Agent Smith from the Matrix Movie Trilogy

Oh, boy! Ever since first appearing on the big screen, the Matrix was such a phenomenal hit that it managed to change the way we dress. At least in terms of cosplay. The leathary goodness of the movies left hundreds upon dozens of people in search for the items worn by the characters in the movie. Of course, almost two decades after, the clut hit the Matrix has been discussed so much and industries have managed to take advantage of the chatter and popularity of the franchise in such a way, tha...

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Bebe Rexha VMAs Dresses

Want to know what dress Bebe Rexha wore on the VMAs in 2016? What she wore in 2017? We have the answer right here. The young singer didn't appear on the pop culture stage until last year, when top hits, such as "I Got You," her duet with G-Eazy "Me, Myself and I" and her duet song "No Broken Hearts" made her a household name. Nevertheless, Bebe Rexha has always striven towards success. Her first EP was released back in 2015, titled "I Don't Wanna Give Up!" and the young artist started achievin...

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The Nerdy Zooey Deschanel Look from New Girl

Despite her depature from New Girl, Zooey Deschanel is still the most iconic actress from the hit TV show. In the series, portraying the quirky Jessica "Jess" Day, Zooey managed to show a plethera of amazing clothes and accessories combinations. Her unique style captures the best of what it means to be a nerd girl in the twenty-first century. From her iconic glasses, to the crazy sweaters and extremely sexy undershirts, Jess is but a fashion icon in our eyes. Men want her, girls want to be her!...

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The Style of Azis Ansari in Master of None

Azis Ansari is an icon when it comes to fashion. Ever since the Tom Haverford style from his character in Parks and Recreation took off both in terms of clothing and zingers, Azis has been a fashion icon for men on the red carpet. In his latest show, the Netflix original Master of None, Azis Ansari continues the tradition of dressing the part. The show itself is a mix of his personal life stories and a touch of added humor and drama with the resulting flavor being an emotional stir of truths. If...

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Affordable Version of the Indiana Jones Fedora? Place your bets!

One of the most iconic hats in popular culture is the fedora of Indiana Jones. While it has went through some iterations over the years (much like the career of Harrison Ford), the Indiana Jones fedora is much like a cultural phenomenon. This is true to a point that if you see a hat in a similar style, the first instict you would most probably have is to imagine a whip in your hand and become adventorous. In fact, even the term "adventurous" has become quite synonymous with the Indiana Jones sty...

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The Blue Suit/Red Tie Combo from Wolf of Wall Street

If there's one thing that lies in the foundation of what the Wolf of Wall Street is all about, it's the money and the power that comes with it. Pursuing a fashionable men's style ourselves, we decided to dive deeper into the wardrobe of Wolf of Wall Street and get some inspiration about how to dress for success. Now, while there are a lot of styilsh costumes featured in the full feature film, we decided to go with the blue suit/red tie combo. We are not sure why, but there's just something about...

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The Golden Compass Compass Replica (Alethiometer from the Movie)

The golden compass is an amazing book, both for children and for adults. And while it's movie adaptaion was not really up to par, it just got us pumped and excited to own the actual compass. Now, to be completely honest, the real prop is a far stretch from our budget and is probably already in the hands of some collector out there. Nevertheless, that doesn't mean we can't have a replica that fills our need for a bit of magic in our hearts. Thus, the quest for finding the Golden Compass Compass w...

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Love it or Hate it - The Cheryl Blossom Riverdale Fashion Look

We love to get our Riverdale fix. And while the mid season finale is keeping us on the edge of our seats, we decided to take a deep breath and learn how to dress like Cheryl. That's right. You might love her or hate her, but the fact of the matter is that the style of Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale is completely unmatched. Extremely fashionable with a touch of bitch-y, the clothing of Cheryl is so intoxicating that we wanted to learn how to copy it. Portrayed by the beautiful Madeline Petsch, the...

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Affordable Colorful Socks for Men Inspired by the Peter Jones Design Line

In one of the episodes of the reality British TV Series Dragon's Den (the UK version, similar to Shark Tank), two guys decided to present an idea of party socks for the corporate man. The socks in question were formal on the outside (i.e. of one color) and were colorful on the inside. In a sense, you could turn them upside down for a "party" look. Branded Quiet Rebellion, the socks are quite good in design, we won't lie. But the thing that got our attention were the socks of Peter Jones. Constan...

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Wednesday Addams Goth Look Cosplay

Halloween is the perfect time to embrace the goth in yourself. Yet, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't cosplay as a goth during the whole year! Wednesday Addams is one of the most cult goth style characters in pop culture. First appearing in the 1938 "The New Yorker Cartoon," the Addams Family took off the world by a storm with its crazy (and sometimes dark) humor. Yet, for most 90s kids and millienials, the Wednesday Addams look is most popular from the full feature Addams Family movie that h...

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Dynasty Style Krystle Fashion Outfit

The hit TV show Dynasty got a long awaited reboot from a partnership between the CW and Netflix. And we just love it! From the glamour and fashion that makes our eyes water, to the twisted plot lines that keep us coming back each week, this show has got us addicted! There's no way around it! No matter who you are, the moment you start watching the Dynasty reboot, you will end up craving the very clothes the characters wear. And that's the reason we decided to create this look. One of the most ic...

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The Tracksuit Worn by Rocky Balboa in the Training Scene (Montage)

Rocky Balboa is hands down one of the most inspirational movies ever created. Did you know that Sylvester Stallone would have to go through various lengths to actually make this movie? That's right. The actor went on to multiple directors with the script, explaining how Rocky would be a huge hit. Some of them believed him, some not so much. The problem for all, however, was that Stallone wanted for him to be the actor to play the part. And the studio execs just couldn't accept this. After all wi...

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The Red Shirtdress Worn By Lana Del Rey in Lust for Life MV

One of the biggest hits on the billboards the summer of 2017 came from the beautiful minds of Lana Del Rey and The Weekend. Starboy and Stargirl created a true masterpiece of a song that manages to strike the perfect cords in our souls in a loving rythm. Of course, as expected from both artists, the music video for the song was also shining with passionate creativity. A smooth story of love, the video showed the styles of both artists clash in a perfect vintage to modern fashion. Nevertheless, o...

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Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar-Winning Look

Lenoardo DiCaprio is hands down one of the most respected actors of our generation. Time and time again he managed to prove his ability to transform himself and fully embrace the part he was given. From the mystery of Shutter Island to the mind-bending Inception, Leo was putting himself forward and pushing his limits to prove himself on the red carpet. Nevertheless, time and time again, he was denied the biggest glory in terms of movie milestones. He simply couldn't win an Oscar. Academy-Awards...

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The Complete Starboy (The Weekend) Fashion Look

Want to be a Starboy? We can help you become one! Extremely inspired by the fashion style of the Weekend we decided to find the right items to recreate his leather look from the music video of the infamous song. Of course, this look would be extremely hard to pull off. For starters, you must have the right haircut. Plus, having a voice like his is simply impossible. Nevertheless, the style of the Weekend is bound to look good on those worthy of wearing it. The hit singer always manages to impres...

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Ironic Minions Dress-Up Party Costume Cosplay Ideas

One of the most adorable, sweet and irritating characters that came up from children movies in the recent years are the minions. At first, we all loved them. With a special language and pursuing to be servants of the baddest of villains, the yellowish creatures had a special place in our hearts. Yet, the overwhealming money-grabbing nature of pop-culture just ripped that sense of love apart. At one point, everywhere you could turn, all you would see would be the minions. Of course, that doesn't...

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Frodo's One Ring Best Replica?

Lord of the Rings is one of the most infamous fantasy franchises to date. Serving as the foundation of many modern day ideas for fantasy worlds, the J.R.R. Tolkein masterpiece is simply unmatched in terms of grandeur. And whether this is your favorite movie or you are on the lookout for a gift for a loved one who is into fantasy, the one ring to rule them all should certainly be on the top of your list of things to buy. Helping you find movie props and affordable replicas of iconic movie items,...

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Cosplay Outfit for Green Arrow (from the TV Show, DCU)

Whether you love them or hate them superhero movies are a thing. Ever since the Avengers started breaking box office records, the Marvel Universe grew into the bohemut it is now. And while the DC Cinematic Universe is still lagging behind in terms of ratings, there are a few gems, such as Wonder Women. However, no matter how many Superhero movies Hollywood throws in our face, what we love are the TV and Netflix shows from the same universes. Ever since its release Arrow has been one of our top f...

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